Act 5

Posted on Fri Jun 23rd, 2017 @ 8:47pm by Captain Mark Hunter & Lieutenant Colonel Tatsuo Harlock & Lieutenant Commander Samantha Tigran

Mission: An Artificial World
Location: Iconia

"We need to get it off the base, now!" Looking at Tigran after he was informed of the device's explosive nature. He had only see the detonation of a Negatron bomb once and had no desire to do it again.

"well if our friends here would stop jamming our transporters that would be very easy to do." harlock commented with a rather large hint of both anger and annoyance in his voice. "however I think i might be able to disable the detonator." He added.

"Are you sure? They may have thought about that" Sam asked, worrying that Harlock might get hurt

"yeah pretty sure. but having transporter capability would make me feel a whole lot safer." Harlock replied

"Hunter to Indomitable." The com merely beeped indicating the ship was unreachable.

"Captain, you can not get a signal or transport lock within the compound. That is the reason we build the research outpost here."

"So you'd rather risk everyone's lives and possibly even the existence of this universe just for your research in the use of modified Iconian Technology?" harlock asked as he worked hard and fast to try and disable the bomb's detonator. "I swear to the deities that if we live through this, not only am I reporting these idiots i am also recommending that they be dealt with by any means necessary before they destroy everything with their ignorance." he telepathically told Sam.

why do I get the feeling that you'd also recommend that you get the job? Sam replied, walking over to stand beside him and put a hand on his arm

"Harlock, Sam. Since the residents will nto help us. Find the scatteringfield generators and shut it down we will have the Indomitable beam it out and then get it off the planet."

Sam looked at Harlock and smiled, "Race you"

Harlock smirked. "you're on." He said as he pulled out a little device from inside his uniform jacket and pressed a flashing button and grinned as the ground vibrated a bit and a loud bang was heard. "that's one down." he chuckled.

- Indomitable -

"Commander, I am getting a transmission from ground control. They are requesting that we open the hatch and prepare for a re-supply."

"The raspy sound vibrated through his throat. "We will do no such thing."

"Captain, I am picking up explosions within the facility."

"Take us up." growled the dromeosaur

The ship lifted quickly thought the opening and pass the atmospheric force field. The first thing they saw was the Archon

(Bridge Crew)