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Act 4

Posted on Fri Jun 23rd, 2017 @ 8:47pm by Captain Mark Hunter & Lieutenant Colonel Tatsuo Harlock & Lieutenant Commander Samantha Tigran

Mission: An Artificial World
Location: Iconia

- Iconia Research Facility -

"Basis??" Sam asked

Harlock tensed up having read all the intelligence information available on the incidents involving Iconian technology and the gate.

The Smiling scientist turned toward a door on the side of the room.

"I will show you if you will follow me."

Stepping through the hatch the room was dark lit only with a dark cerulean lighting along the edges. Standing before the group was 3.5m ring embedded into the wall . along with a control panel off to the side.

"This is our version of the Iconian Gate."

Looking over the large ring infront of them, Sam was almost lost for words, "wait, you Built your own gateway?"

"Yes, however we have not been able to connect anywhere. It appears we need a counter part where we are going and can not appear from the air as the Iconians did."

"How did you accomplish this? This kind of technology would make starship obsolete" Sam asked, trying to sort everything out in her head.

"We took the time to slowly disassemble the components of the Iconian Gate and used our technology to replicate them. However, we could not replicate the part that we believe opens the rift in time and space."

"So instead you created a gateway using subspace?" Sam asked

"Correct. We can run a test if you would like it will connect to the Gate in the next room."

Sam nodded, "That would be greatly appreciated"

The technician behind the control panel fired the system up and entered in the coordinates for the Iconian gate in the next room. The Gate formed a shimmering blue energy that migrated from the ring to the center. thent he blue faded and they could see through the gate into room they had just come from.

"What do you all think?"

"It's beautiful" Sam said simply

The view started to disappear and reappear with loud busts of sound. The technician was busy trying to recify the situation.

Looking around, Sam started to get worried that something drastic might be about to happen, This isn't good she said telepathically to Harlock.

Harlock looked at Sam and nodded in agreement. if i report this we'll probably be gearing up for war he responded back to her.

Maybe it's best for now that we don't Sam replied

The view before them settled and standing on the other side was a man who was extremely familiar. Familiar with the exception that he had Klingon Goatee, Vulcan/Romulan hair cut, Wearing a white square shouldered uniform with Red trim and a Gold Baldric. He held his hands open at his sides and spoke from the other side of the gate.

"I am Commander Mark Hunter of the Galactic Star Fleet. Whom, do I have the pleasure of speaking with?"

"Well that can't be right" Sam said, looking at the man before her.

Mark stepped forward " I am Captain Mark Hunter of the USS Indomitable. This is my Science Officer Commander Tigran and my Intel Officer Colonel Harlock."

The being smiled." This is a first, I have never encountered myself on one of these contacts.

Harlock raised an eyebrow

Catching the Colonels reaction the other Hunter looked at him and Stated in a practiced tone.

"Our goal is to make contact with parallel dimensions and assess their viability for continue contact."

Sam looked at them with suspicion, "and how exactly do you plan to do that?"

"Well Commander it is simple we ask a few questions, you answer them and then we determine if your Dimension is safe for us. If it is we will begin diplomatic procedures, if not we will never have contact with your people again."

"So if we were to ask you to leave, you would?" Sam asked

"Aboslutely, my friend."

Harlock narrowed his eyes suspiciously as he listened to what was being explained.

"Thank you. Now please tell me of your relations with the Klingons, Vulcanoids, Naussicans, the Jem'Hadar, Ferengi, Tholians, Cardassians, Borg, Kilrathi, Kzin and the Unicori?"

Not trusting this other Hunter, Sam looked around for Harlock or their Hunter to answer.

"I really hate temporal incursions... they're a pain in the ass to deal with and so are the idiots that cause them." Sam's harlock stated as he stepped out into plane sight from behind some equipment.

"It's not temporal, more inter-dimensional. This isn't a Hunter from the past or future, but another timeline. A parallel universe" Sam corrected

"The moment you start screwing with space and time it falls into the temporal realm of things sweetheart." Harlock chided sam as politely as he could.

"It is a fine line we are walking with this one. However, I do not believe that as we are not changing the timelines just making contact it would not violate the intent of the Temporal Prime Directive. Harlock, as the intel Officer you would be the most familiar with the history in a concise manner."

The Hunter on the other side of the gate spoke up.

"As a general rule these Gates can only be maintained for around thirty eisae and we have already burned 13."

"Of course i know. i also know how easy even simple contact can cause unforeseen ripples in the events that unfold after contact is initially established." Harlock replied carefully.

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The man on the other side listened intently to the abbriviated version of Federation history. Finally he turned to consult something out of view. A moment later he was handed and small box. Stepping forward he pushed the item through the apperature, placing it on the ground and the pulling his hand back through.

"I thank you for the history of your universe. We have decided that you are not ready to have formal contact with the multiverse. In this container is an object that will help you along your way. I hope to see your people in the future. Good bye."

The portal shut down and the room went dark for a moment before the rooms lights activated.

Mark walked over and picked the box up.


"We need to get it off the base, now!" Looking at Tigran after he was informed of the device's explosive nature. He had only see the detonation of a Negatron bomb once and had no desire to do it again.

"well if our friends here would stop jamming our transporters that would be very easy to do." harlock commented with a rather large hint of both anger and annoyance in his voice. "however I think i might be able to disable the detonator." He added.

"Are you sure? They may have thought about that" Sam asked, worrying that Harlock may get hurt

"Yeah, pretty sure. I've seen this type of detonator before." Harlock commented as he gave the bomb a once over


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