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Act 3

Posted on Fri Jun 23rd, 2017 @ 8:46pm by Captain Mark Hunter & Lieutenant Colonel Tatsuo Harlock & Lieutenant Commander Samantha Tigran & Lieutenant Mayumi Clyne

Mission: An Artificial World
Location: Iconia

The short haired chief of Sciences watched as the rest of the away team appeared before her.

"Welcome to the research part of Iconia. We are currently five kilometers underground."

"I guess it's better than thousands of stairs" Sam commented, stepping off of the transporter

"What you just experienced is a hard-lined Transporter. The signal can not be intercepted only controlled from our station here. " Spoke the governor.

harlock smirked with a friendly smile on his face.

"So, how about we get to this project of yours. I'm eager to see it" Sam said

"Of course. If you will just follow me."

The away team was lead down a familiar curving corridor They came to a transparent aluminium wall Strapped to a chair eas a man who was obviously struggling.

Sam looked at the man in curiosity. She wasn't expecting anything like this to be down here, "is this some sort of interface?" Sam asked telepathically to Harlock

"possibly, I don't know much about Iconian technology." Harlock replied back.

"He is a criminal who has been charged with attempted murder."

"So you're response to that is prolonged torture? I'm not saying that he shouldn't be punished, but isn't this a little extreme?" Sam asked, picturing the away team strapped to similar devices if something went wrong

"Commander, We do not advocate torture of any form nor do we have death penalty. We are simply removing the outer covering so we may have a better look at the man's positronic interfaces. We have already ran every diagnostic on his software and are trying to repair him. It is a form of rehabilitation."

the man in the white coat placed a scrapple on the man's forehead and drew down with a seasoned practice bifurcating the man's face. The doctor moved where the observers could not see and pulled at the split, and threw the man's face into a collection bowl.

Seeing this, Sam swallowed. She still didn't do very well with this sort of thing, preferring to use mental torture instead of physical torture for interrogations. Though this clearly wasn't an interrogation.

The exposed duranium skull that was exposed contained thousand of interconnected flashing LEDs. The Android looked directly at the observers and spoke.

"What are you looking at fleshling....." cocking his skeletal head to Tigran "Oh, when I get out we are going to have some fun."

Sam glared back at him Just try it rust bucket She thought to herself.

Harlock chuckled. I could easily rig this whole place to blow in about 5 minutes or less if you're really interested in doing some serious collateral damage. he replied to her.

Sam half smiled, no, you know what? I'm actually curious to see how a psychotic machine fights she replied

harlock nodded to her as he observed their surroundings rather casually but with a critical eye.

"yes, I think we should leave the Doctors to their work."

The Chief of Sciences lead the team through a door that exposed the large open area of the facility. It was formed like a geodome each level pushing further back as it went up until it hit the holographically projected sky. At the top was a 'UFO' that had the same shape a the command module on a Galaxy or nebula class overlooking the wilderness below. She lead the away team along the outer perimeter To the entrance of what would have been the Main cargo hold of a Galaxy Class Saucer.

"This is our entire reason for being here."

Before them stood two pillars measuring 3 meters tall with a simple control panel a few meters off to the side.

"Is this....a gateway?" Sam asked in surprise. She'd read reports about them, but never had thought to actually see one in person.

"Yes, It is an Iconian Gateway. It is the basis for what is in the next room.

"Basis??" Sam asked

Harlock tensed a bit. he had read about all incidents involving Iconian gateways and Iconian technology in general.

- Surface -

The Indomitable settled with the surface edge above the little ship. The roof closed and then lights illuminated.

"Commander, We are in an underground hanger and the atmosphere is reading breathable." Ameira called.

"Very interesting." Mayumi responded.


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