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Together again

Posted on Sat May 20th, 2017 @ 2:26pm by Lieutenant Colonel Tatsuo Harlock & Lieutenant Commander Samantha Tigran

Mission: An Artificial World
Location: Harlock's/Sam's shared quarters


Walking into their new quarters, Sam looked around, holding Harlock's hand tightly. Although she'd stayed in Harlock's quarters several times, this was the first time they had officially moved in together and she was feeling more than a little nervous. "So.....this is us?" She said, looking around the room decorated with Harlock's items.

"Yes this is ours and we can move your stuff in and mix it with mine as well." Harlock replied with a smile.

Sam smiled, "that would be nice. Though I don't really have a great deal to move in. A few boxes of clothes"

"any new lingerie?" Harlock asked with a sheepish smile on his face.

Sam grinned, "what use would that be, we'd only end ripping it off anyway, but I think I might have something special for you"

"True but I can be very gentle in removing it from that oh so deliciously beautiful body of yours." Tatsuo countered with a pause. "but then again being nude when we're alone like this is always far more fun and pleasurable." he deadpanned as he mentally pictured them both already nude and going at it so much so that the extra sound proofing he had installed in their quarters was getting a thorough test.

Senceing his thoughts, Sam sighed, "you know what, after what we've been through lately, I think a good night together would be rather relaxing" she said, spinning around to stand just infront of him and wrapping her arms around his neck, "starting with a nice hot bubble bath"

"mm, i like the sounds of that and yeah after all the shit we've gone through lately a nice relaxing yet very pleasurably fun packed night together would be nice since it would help us reconnect." He whispered into her ear before moving to gently kiss her neck.

Angling her head so that he could get to her neck easier, Sam started rub her hands up his back than gently drag her nails down again, "hmm, if we get called in, I am going to kill whoever disturbed this evening"

"mmm, and then after you kill the unsuspecting idiot i'll have to ravage you again because that will make me even more turned on then i already am." he whispered in between his kisses as he moved across her entire neck and then went up to her lips as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up against him before sliding his hands down to her firm butt and firmly clenching it in his hands.

Moving her hands back up his back, Sam grabbed hold of the collar on his shirt, "how attached are you to this shirt?"

"it's just a shirt." Tatsuo replied with a smile. "how attached are you to what you're wearing right now because i am thinking i want to rip it all off of you right now." he asked.

Grabbing hold of his shirt, Sam ripped it in half, dropping it on the floor on either side of them, "I've been wanting to do that for ages" she said, grabbing his hands and putting them on her shoulders, "and by the way, I've been meaning to get a new uniform anyway. These old blue ones just don't suit me anymore"

Tatsuo smiled as he gripped the uniform and gave one very strong pull at both sides and ripped it off of her before turning to her under garments and ripped them off as well but this time as he ripped them off he trailed kisses all the way down her body.

Enjoying the sensation of his lips on her skin, Sam let out a content sigh before grabbing hold of his head, "before we get too excited, I want that bubble bath"

Tatsuo chuckled as he stood up and placed his hands on Sam's tight butt before clenching it firmly and lifting her up only to take her into the adjoining room where their private bathroom was, kissing her as he went.

Wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, Sam returned the kisses as he carried her into the bathroom. "I miss Starfleet Bathrooms. Those Klingon ones were not as nice to relax in"

"That's because we weren't enjoying them together." tatsuo chuckled as he gently lowered them both into the tub before reaching behind her to turn the taps on to fill the tub.

Feeling the water start to rush over her legs, she jumped a little as it was cold to begin with before warming up to a more comfortable temperature, "well, I plan to make every moment together count this time. I almost lost you to prison last time. That will never happen again" she said, making it sound a little more like a threat than a promise, "never......again......"

"only one really sure fire way to guarantee that one." Tatsuo seductively whispered to her.

"Break both of your legs?" Sam said "or maybe I should just tie you to the bed and leave you there for my pleasure"

Tatsuo chuckled. "as fun as those would be the solution i have in mind offers a life time of memories and fun times."

"Oh? Now you've got me interested, tell me?" Sam asked

"well it's one word and it starts with an 'M' and ends with an 'E'." Tatsuo replied with a grin on her face.

"Marmalade? Muscle? Mouse?" Sam said, playing dumb. She knew exactly what he meant, but didn't want to spoil any surprises he might have. Besides, she was having to much fun.

Tatsuo chuckled. "no, not those. this word is usually associated with the sounding of bells, cake and a trip to Risa for some undisturbed alone time. it also has some serious bling involved."

Sam smiled, "shouldn't you be on your knees than?" She said, starting to feel very nervous.

"you can relax. if i had planned to pop that question right now, we wouldn't be naked in the tub with you on my lap." Tatsuo replied softly keeping the fact that he was going to propose to her via breakfast in the morning hidden from her.

Sam could feel Harlock was hiding something, but right now she didn't care. Laying her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes, "well you could, wouldn't exactly be romantic but what in this relationship has been."

"That's something I plan to change." Tatsuo replied softly as he wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back a bit.

Giving a contented sigh, Sam just sat there listening to Harlock's heart beat, "I wish we could just stay here forever. Not moving, not needing to worry about anything else, just the two of us"

"I know, I would love nothing more then to take you somewhere that we could simply live life together and be left alone." Harlock said softly as he continued to gently rub her back.


A JP By:

Lietenant Commander Samantha Tigran


Lieutenant Colonel Tatsuo Harlock


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