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Act 2

Posted on Fri Jun 23rd, 2017 @ 8:46pm by Captain Mark Hunter & Lieutenant Colonel Tatsuo Harlock & Commander Talon & Lieutenant Commander Samantha Tigran & Lieutenant Mayumi Clyne

Mission: An Artificial World
Location: Iconian System

The stars streaked by on the forward view screen of the USS Indomitable. The Ship has been sent to Iconia to see the research that had been conducted. The Daystrom institute and Star Fleet had requested a personal update on the situation. Iconia had been the home of a powerful race thousands of years ago and when they disappeared they had left behind technology that seemed as magic.

The forward console beeped.

"Were entering the Iconia system Sir"

"Drop us out of warp, make as standard approach toward Iconia."

Dropping out of warp now Talon started the ship for orbit.

"Thank you, Tatsuo. Open a channel"

Amiera tapped a few commands.

"Channel open, Sir" The screen flashed to life showing an older man with a open crown of hair.

"This is Colonel Saul Tigh of the Iconian Warship Archon. What are your intentions in our system."

Mark stood up and straightened his uniform. "I am Captain Mark Hunter of the Federation Starship Indomitable. We have been sent by the Daystrom Institute to get a field report on Project Wormhole."

The older man looked down for a second and then back up at the screen.

"You are cleared to land and the coordinates I am transmitting. I will follow you in. Tigh Out."

The Screen blanked before returning to the Defiant Class vessel before them.

Sam smiled, "well, he's a rather bright fella isn't he?" She said sarcastically

"Talon, Take us in."

(Thoughts)My how

-10 minutes later -

The Defiant Class vessel rocked as the atmosphere buffeted the little ship. she landed with a hard thud as the footpads touched the surface.

"Sir, if your going on foot I recommend you be quick the Atmosphere is laced with Hydrogen Cloride."

"Thank you, Amiera. Talon the Conn is yours, Harlock and Tigran your with me."

Mark made his way to the exit ramp and disembarked. Mark noticed the Archon standing still in the harsh wind its forward weapons aimed toward the Indomitable. The fact the ship was so stable was a testament to the vessels Flight Officers ability. Mark looked the other way and saw the only building in the area.

"I am going to assume that's our destination."

"Than I suggest we get moving!!" Sam called over the wind

"We're going in blind because all i can tell you is that i can sense their presence but i can't their emotions or hear their thoughts." Harlock stated as he walked side by side Sam

The walk toward the structure became more difficult with each step. Mark was starting to feel a burning in his lungs. As they reached the entrance a Human that stood at least two meters tall walked out, His uniform was of a military design with a old Earth style insignia that indicated his rank as Major. He was followed by two males and females. None of them wearing and breathing apparatus. The senior man pulled out a familiar but indiginiously designed PADD.

"Place your Thumb on the PADD and state your name for the record."

"And why should i do that?" Harlock asked.

The Four team memebers reaised their weapons and aimed them at the three-man away team.

"It is standard procedure for all visitors, Colonel. Now, please Comply."

The Senior man stood there awaiting them to comply. Mark reached over and thumbed the PADD

"Captain Mark Hunter, Commanding Officer USS Indomitable."

Mark moved out of the way for his team to do as required.

Stepping forward, Sam cleared her throat, "Lt. Commander Samantha Tigran, Chief science officer USS Indomitable" she stated, placing her thumb on the PADD

Harlock placed thumb on the PADD. "Lieutenant Colonel Tatsuo Harlock, Chief Intelligence Officer on USS Indomitable." He said with a pause. "and if you point those weapon's at me one more time without any hostile intent from me again i am going to shove them up your asses." He added afterwards as a very clear warning that he was not amused with the unwarranted threat from the away team's hosts.

The massive wall of a man reached back without looking and typed in a series of 64 symbols to fast for the team to perceive. Giving the smaller man a slight but unnatural smile.

"Colonel, you are more than welcome to try, but I don't think it will go well for you."

Mark walked through the door into and antechamber and crossed a static field. The air immediately became easier to breath and the burning sensation went away after a few seconds. After a few deep breaths Mark saw the pale skinned man standing calmly before them. He wore Human style clothing of a more semi-formal type. He was tailed by an attractive young woman and a man late -20ish with a PADD in hand.

"Captain, Welcome to Iconia. Let me introduce you to my Associates..." Signaling toward the man. "...This is Tory Foster, My Administrative Aide.." Signaling back to the Female. "...And this is Samantha Carter, Our Minister of Science. I am Data Soong, Governor of the Iconian Research Facility."

Harlock was right behind Mark and was keeping close to Sam but at the same time keeping a respectful distance in case she didn't want him giving away the fact that they were romantically involved. He bowed his head to the people before them. "Allow me to introduce myself.... I am Tatsuo Harlock with Starfleet Intelligence." He greeted.

"I am Samantha Tigran, Chief Science Officer to Captain Hunter" Sam stated, looking around at the people before her.

The short haired blonde walked over to the Science Officer and extended her hand.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Do you prefer Commander or Doctor?"

Sam smiled, "commander would be the correct term. I never completed my Doctorate at the Academy"

"Very well then. Have you been made aware of the projects we are involved in here on Iconia?"

"Well, why don't you show me what you're doing and that way we'll all know what you're doing here" Sam replied, playing dumb hoping to give a less threatening appearance.

"Of course, Commander. If you will follow me."

The athletic blonde stepped on the only thing in the room. The raise dias flooring was aglow. The moment after she stood on it she disappeared in a sparkle of light.

Sam looked at the platform, "hmm, a transporter pad of some sort" she said, stepping up onto it and almost immediately vanishing in a similar fashion to the woman before her.

Harlock followed suit came up next to Sam and gave her a warm smile.


- USS Indomitable -

The lights on the Science Panel continued to flash red. Amiera turned toward where Commander Talon was sitting.

"Sir, The Archon is still holding position on us with all weapons hot. And to be honest it is making me nervous."

(Talon) Looking at the main screen Talon's tail started to make slow patterns on the deck as he watched how microburst would come from the Archon station keeping thrusters helped hold them in place. "Right now were on their world so we can't ask them to stand down the guns." He said with a shrug.

Wolfe Called from the Science station. "Are you sure we can not do something, at least raise shields."

"I am also concerned with the scattering field that is flooding this area from the building. It will prevent external beaming."

(Talon/Doctor) "The shields cant be raised while were on the ground. "

The landed ship started to rumble and a loud humming emanated from everywhere. The view screen showed the ground rising up.

"Then why not put the ship into a low hover?" Mayumi asked as she walked onto the bridge. "i mean honestly, if a mear doctor has more common sense then you guys there's a problem."


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