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Act 1

Posted on Fri Jun 23rd, 2017 @ 8:46pm by Captain Mark Hunter & Lieutenant Colonel Tatsuo Harlock & Commander Talon & Lieutenant Commander Samantha Tigran & Lieutenant Mayumi Clyne

Mission: An Artificial World
Location: SB-13

The door behind Sam closed with a load thud. The inquery had convened and determined that she had done everything she could to save the Arrow and to fulfill Admiral Andrews Orders. They had also given her the PADD with her next assignment.

Relieved that she wasn't court maritaled and that it was all over, Sam lent against the wall just outside the court room. Although she was happy she wasn't in prison or hadn't been kicked out of Starfleet, the fact that her first 'Command' resulted in the destruction of her ship wasn't a great mark on her record. As it stood, she figured she wouldn't be eligible for promotion for years. Giving a sigh, Sam looked down at her new orders.

The display indicated she was being assigned as Science Officer on the Defiant Class Indomitable, A Ship she had served on as required while assigned to the Stormbreaker.

"Oh well, back to it than" Sam said, pushing herself back onto her feet and heading off into the station.

- Stormbreaker -

The Middle aged Captain sat in the centerally located command chair and reviewed the updates coming in. The vessel would be ready to go in a matter of hours. He had already received his orders to proceed to Iconia, which was located in the Outreach, and represent the Federation in negotiating terms of use for one of their special technologies.

The Planetary Governor was well known to Federation and had always been a reasonable being during his fifty-five years as a Star Fleet Officer.

"Mr. Harlock, When our Science officer arrives I would like you to get her settled, we will leave as soon as she is aboard. Talon you have the bridge."

"sure. already have everything arranged since i already know who it is." Harlock responded as he got up and left the bridge.

(Talon looked up from his readouts. "Aye Captain I have the Bridge." Tapping out some commands Talon up dated the logs and returned to his preflight checks.

The Greying officer stood up and headed to the back of the bridge and through the hatch and toward the Captains ready room.

Talon finshed his tests and picked some earth music with vilons in it while he had the watch.

Mayumi was already on board and settling in.

(All respond)

- Docking Hatch -

The Brinkar Security officer looked down at the small human officer.

"Orders, Ma'am."

Looking up at the man, Sam held up the PADD she held, "I've been ordered to the USS Indomitable as Chief Science Officer"

"buzz off, she's with me." Harlock said as he walked up with a neutral look on his face. "hey beautiful come with me, I have your quarters assignment." He said as he gave sam a friendly hug and a very quick peck on the cheek.

"Sir, Regulation require that I check everyone at the Gang way for proper entery. Only the CO can directly order an over ride."

The Large Stone hided Alien ground out in his gravely voice.

"I know the regs better then you little boy and i also know that Starfleet Intelligence also has the ability to issue over rides. as it stands i just told you why she's here." Harlock retorted with a more stern tone of voice and a not so friendly look on his face.

"Hold on. What's going on? Tatsuo, why are you here? You should be on Elysium with the others" Sam said, surprised to see him here. Last she knew, Harlock along with Talon and Hunter were sentenced to spend some time on a penal colony. Seeing him here and in uniform said to her that something else had happened that she had no idea about.

"I'll explain after we're out of earshot of the wee one here." Harlock commented with a pause as he motioned towards the far end of the corridor.

Sam groaned, "you know, I'm getting more than I bit tired of not having all of the information" she said, following Harlock down the corridor.

once he was sure they were far enough away from the security officer harlock paused. "Starfleet Intelligence wiped the charges from the records and wrote the whole thing off as though it was pre planned as a means of getting a bead on Brag. plus they're not exactly fond of the idea of one of their best operatives being sent to a penal colony where half the inmate population were put in there by said operative." He explained softly. "I also hear that you were not punished for those events."

"The inquiry board didn't find enought evidence to suggest that I did anything wrong. As far as they knew, I was simply following orders from an Admiral and the ship was lost in an unavoidable battle. I think the statement from Commander Carter-Rhade about the situation helped"

"Yeah I would imagine the words of the First officer of a ship like the Destiny would carry a fair amount of weight behind them." Tatsuo chuckled as he continued to walk with Sam. "you'll be bunking with me and i promise not to keep you in the dark on what's going on from both an intelligence standpoint and the simple fact that i really don't wish for there to be any more secrets between us."

"Well, a girl's gotta keep some secrets, but I appreciate your intentions. It's been a long time comeing anyway, we should've moved in with each other ages ago" Sam said, giving Harlock a nudge with her elbow.

Harlock chuckled. "well you did say you didn't want to rush things." He said as he wrapped his arm around Sam and escorted her towards their quarters.



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