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Telepathic conjugal visit

Posted on Wed Jan 4th, 2017 @ 4:01am by Lieutenant Colonel Tatsuo Harlock & Lieutenant Commander Samantha Tigran

Mission: An Artificial World
Location: USS Arrow


~You and I both know honey that this ship will never make to Elysium because Intelligence won't allow one of its prized operatives being imprisoned by a bunch of wind bag admirals that can't see past their rank insignia.~ Harlock tried to telepathically state to Sam

Sitting in her quarters aboard the USS Arrow, Sam was looking over the specks of the ship trying to memorise its layout. She could feel Harlock through their Imzadi bond, but had been actively blocking him out. She still wasn't very happy with what he'd done and now she had to rethink her future.

Harlock started picturing the 2 of them doing many naughty things in a bed on Risa just to see if she could continue resisting him.

Unable to keep all of the images out, Sam finally snapped, ~Alright fine, you want to talk? Let's talk~ she replied, sitting back in her chair, ~Intel is a lot of things, but even they have to follow Starfleet regulations and attacking another Starfleet ship is a courtmartialable offence. What excuse will they use then? That we revolted and stole the ship? I won't give them the opportunity~

~they won't attack this ship they'll simply intercept the transporter beam or they already have an operative on board that will spring me at the right moment. either way the excuse will be is that starfleet command has threatened to compromise an intelligence asset which is a threat to the security of the Federation and thus far more damning then swiping some stupid starship.~ Harlock responded with a pause ~Also that warhead never had a chance of going off because it wasn't capable of being armed since i removed all the components necessary to detonate it. Honestly love i can't believe you would think i would even do such a thing as blow up an entire planet... way to messy even for an amateur operative.~

~Than why do the whole song and dance in the first place if you didn't mean to use that warhead? As far as I can tell, all you've accomplished is to land yourself in prison, even if your friends will eventually 'bust you out'. You betrayed Starfleet's trust. How can they ever believe anything you say?~ Sam said, trying not to give away how hurt she was.

~To flush out the true traitors of the federation which are the wind bags that did the sentencing. my mission in that aspect was a complete success. Believe me my love I did not take pleasure in hurting you.~

~I don't believe you, I can't believe you. You broke my heart, you're not the man I fell in love with. That man wouldn't even threaten to do what you did unless i was in danger of being killed, and at the time I was safe aboard the ship~

~being chased down by a starship that had orders to open fire on said ship should it refuse to heave to and be boarded again. sorry honey but the moment they came after us and threatened to use force to bring us to heal they became a threat to your safety so I acted.~

Taking a deep breath to quickly centre herself, Sam used their bond to force them into Harlock's mind.

[Harlock's Mind]

Watching the beach scene rematerialise, Sam walked over to Harlock "you know damn well that we wouldn't have resisted, and even if we did half of the crew, in fact the half that are onboard this ship, would've protested. This may have been an intelligence ship, but we were still Starfleet officers"

"and operating under the jurisdictional control of Starfleet intelligence which meant that not all things would be by the regular book. As a special operations vessel under the jurisdictional control of Starfleet Intelligence it is a well known fact that things are done differently from regular fleet. Regular Fleet doesn't do what special operations does because more often than not what spec ops does would violate a half dozen or more rules and regulations that prevent regular fleet from taking actions that need to be taken. you and everyone else that entered special operations knew that full damn well going into it and you were all told that there would be times that you'd have to do some very nasty things." Tatsuo responded with a hint of anger in his voice.

"In case you don't remember, I didn't join this merry band by choice. I was sent here by Command as a way of dealing with me without actually dealing with me" Sam explained "and even though I grew accustomed to this new lifestyle, there are still some lines I won't cross and genoside, or even potential genoside, is one of those lines"

"so you still don't really get it... we don't kill entire species... but we do make surgical strikes on individual targets and yes sometimes that means we fake a much bigger attack. Also i have not forgotten why you were sent here. I also recall telling you that if they didn't want to have to deal with you then you owed them no loyalty."

"So what, because they sent me out here, I should act like some Maquis terrorist? Even we have to be held accountable to someone"

"we are accountable to the director of intelligence and he in turn answers to the federation council." Tatsuo stated.

"In theory, but in practice we're no different from Section 31"

"Section 31 are a bunch of amateurs because they rely on tricks and blackmail to achieve their goals. we don't."

"And yet they seem to always have the information they need to Aquire what they're looking for. Besides, in the past Section 31 has been compared to the Tal'Shiar or even the Obsidian Order"

"Starfleet intelligence does have the same information they just choose not to share it with Starfleet command unless it suits them or it pretains to a really serious threat to the federation." Tatsuo countered. "Maybe i will spend a little time in the penal colony and terrorize the hell out of the other inmates and the guards. might actually be fun though i will admit it won't be as fun as screwing with the tal Shiar or Imperial Intelligence."

"Some how I imagine you'll find a way to torture some Tal'Shiar while on the colony"

"nope. got more immediate targets to deal with. after all i did promise that certain people would be seeing me very soon. and i would hate to ruin my reputation for being very serious about that kind of thing."

Sam sighed, "alright fine, but remember if you do go through it, don't come crawling back to me after you're done, because I won't let you back in" she said as she summoned a door, "this is your last chance. Call it an ultimatum if you want. This is your door..." She said, walking over and opening it, "here's the choice, me or revenge. I'm willing to wait untill you get out, but i don't want to live with someone who's trying to rule the Federation through having dirt on everyone in it"

"i have no intention of ruling anything other than for my own freedom. As for my revenge... that's already complete because they think i am gunning for them. if i do visit them it'll be with a fat grin on my face as i say 'boo' to them and watch them all faint before i walk away." Tatsuo responded. "But by all means if you want to leave go ahead. i am not about to stop you. not my style. as much as i want you you already know i would never make you stay with me. that's something you have to freely choose for yourself."

"I already said I'm willing to wait for you, but I'm only going to wait so long. Even you know that eventually everyone's secrets get dragged out into the light, and I'm afraid when your turn comes you won't have any favours left to call in and the resulting backlash will take you from me forever"

"I swore to you that the only thing that will take me from you forever is death itself so baring that you and i have a very very long time together."

Sam gave a slight sigh of relief, "alright. I can accept that for now, but just so it's said, I can't just let you out. I have my orders and I do intend to follow them. Even if it means taking you to a penal colony"

"well i could take us someplace romantic right now since we're inside my mind." Harlock chuckled.

Sam sighed, "however much I might like that. I can't, not right now. I have far to many things to worry about. I'm not just some lowly officer anymore. I'm the Acting XO on this tub and I'm going to do everything I can to earn this promotion I've been given" she said, walking over and giving him a hug, "this will have to do for now" she said as her image slowly began to fade, "don't do anything stupid Imzadi. It may not work out as well as you hope. For either of us"

"Relax Imzadi, if I was going to do something I would have done so already." He replied.

Sam smiled, "somehow, I don't find that comforting" she said as her image finally faded from Harlock's telepathic world.


Lt. Commander Samantha Tigran

Lt. Colonel Tatsuo Harlock


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