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Lieutenant Mayumi Clyne

Name Mayumi Clyne

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 30
Alias(s): Elfin Sniper, Elfin Princess

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 190 Ibs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Ruby Red
Physical Description Athletic build with feminine figure.


Spouse None- Single and looking
Children None
Father Siegel Clyne
Mother Izalliya Clyne
Brother(s) Dearka Clyne
Tatsuya Clyne- deceased, assassination arranged by the 7th noble house.
Yzak Clyne- Married to Lacus Atha
Sister(s) Mari Clyne
Honnoka Clyne
Lacus Atha- Sister in-law
Cagalli Atha- Sister in-law
Other Family Atha Family- 11th house
Ichijo Family- 1st House

Personality & Traits

General Overview Well Mannered 90% of the time but has been known to hold grudges.
Strengths & Weaknesses blunt, direct and to the point, loves chocolate to the point that she'll almost do anything to have it. is absolutely lethal with a weapon in her hand. Extremely Severe PMS issues.
Ambitions Save lives of allies and kill all enemies with a smile on her face while doing so.
Hobbies & Interests CBQ, Tactical readiness drills, reading books, Blowing stuff up, men, martial Arts, camping/survival training, and patching wounded people up.

Personal History

Personal History Like most people of aristocracy on Betazed Mayumi has had a privilege childhood but she was the type of girl that liked to be mischievous at the same time and thus picked up on the ability to shoot and eventually earned the nicknames of Elfin Sniper and Elfin Princess. Mayumi at the age of 18 entered starfleet Medical an majored in Genetics but never stopped practicing her marksmanship.

After graduating Starfleet Medical Mayumi entered the field and became known as the dark doctor because she was the only doctor in Starfleet that had no issues killing the enemy while doing everything she could to save the lives of those allied to Starfleet.


Department: medical

Service number

Serial Number: SM-90020-3010

Education and Qualifications

Education and Qualifications: Starfleet Medical Academy- Majored in Genetics
Starfleet Officer Training
Advanced Marksmanship.
Starfleet Academy basic training

Medical Records

Blood Type: b+
Medical Records: Mayumi is in excellent health.

Service Record

Service Record Starfleet Academy- Graduated Second Best with honors.
Starfleet Medical Academy- Graduated Top of Class with full honors
Posted to Antares fleet yards as Chief Medical Officer.
Transferred to Starfleet Outpost, Betazed.
reassigned to Stormbreaker as Assistant Chief Medical Officer as per Starfleet Command in conjunction with Starfleet Medical.

Awards and Commendations

Awards and Commendations: Starfleet Distinguished Service
Starfleet Commendation
Starfleet Cross
Federation Commendation