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Lieutenant JG Mako Tamaki

Name Mako Oren Tamaki

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6 feet
Weight 190 Ibs
Hair Color Black with Blue Highlights
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Very Athletic build, Hair extends down to the bottom of her jaw. her figure is still very feminine despite being athletic on the muscular side.


Spouse None- Single and looking
Children None
Father Toshiro Takamki- Deceased
Mother Oren Tamaki- Deceased
Brother(s) Aarix Tamaki
Sister(s) Issane Tamaki
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Is hard working and dedicated to her job.. She's very friendly once she gets to know a person.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong willed, Outspoken, doesn't know the meaning of 'no' and very rarely ever plays fair.
Ambitions be the best that she can be and honor the teachings of her father.
Hobbies & Interests engineering, guys, women, Engineering, Temporal Physics, Warp theory, Orbital Sky Diving, swimming, playing drums and piano's.

Personal History

Personal History Mako grew up learning the ways of the ancient Samurai, the old art of forging the legendary Katana swords. Mako also learned the Martial arts of Karate and Akido.

By the time Mako was 16 she had mastered what her father had taught her and entered Starfleet Academy, majoring in both Engineering and advanced Black Ops combat.

2 years into her academy training she got news that her parents had died in a freak transporter accident and focused even harder on becoming the top of her class as a means of distracting her from having to deal with the pain of losing her parents.

after graduating from the academy at the top of her class Mako returned home to the mountains of Japan to make a memorial for her parents and construct a Katana made out of a Deratanium/Neutronium compasite alloy that she had created with the knoweledge she had gained from the academy and the knowledge of katana making that her father had passed on to her. 6 months later Mako received her first set of orders and took the sword that she made in honor of her father, which bore her fathers signature on it, and left earth.


Department: sce(engineering)

Service number

Serial Number: 6020-5525-7976

Education and Qualifications

Education and Qualifications: Starfleet Corps of Engineers Academy
Starfleet Basic training
Advanced Engineering
Advanced Starship Design
Advanced Architectural Design
Advanced Warp Theory
Advanced Astrophysics
Advanced Temporal Physics
Advanced Physics
Advanced Aerodynamics
Advacned Computer Design
Advanced Computer Hacking
Starfleet Bridge Officer Training
Starship Command
Advanced Combat Engineering
Martial Arts (Akido and Karate- both grand master level) -taught by her father
CQB tactics
Intelligence Gathering
Computer hacking
Hand to hand Bladed Combat
Hand to hand Energy weapon Combat
Explosives (Demolition)
IED construction
Black Ops Training
Covert Ops Training
Temporal Ops training
Special Ops Training
Expert Marksman
Expert Swordsman (taught by father)
Counter Intelligence
Anti-Brain washing training
Anti-torture training
Torture training
PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics)
Joint Manipulation (taught by father)
Psychological Warfare Tactics (taught by father)
Gorilla Warfare Tactics
Art of War by Sun Tzu (taught by father)
Blitzkrieg (Lighting) Warfare Tactics
Insurgency Tactics
Counter Insurgency Tactics
Infiltraction Tactics
Counter infiltration Tactics
Exfiltraction Tactics
Counter Exfiltration Tactics
Advanced Metalergy (taught by father)
Advanced Alchemy (taught by father)
Advanced bladed weapon Forging (taught by father)

Medical Records

Blood Type: ab-
Medical Records: Redacted by order of Starfleet Intelligence

Access to redacted information given out based on need to know basis and decided upon by circumstances regarding the access request.

Service Record

Service Record Starfleet Academy-Graduated top of class, Majors in Engineering and Black ops combat.

-All further records redacted by order of Starfleet Intelligence-

Awards and Commendations

Awards and Commendations: Zepheran Cochran Award.